Saturday, 7 September 2013

How much you save on Cloth Diaper?

Do you know that a full diapering baby consumes about Rs.43800 in disposable diaper for 2 years time? With the cloth diaper solution, you will be able to save as much as Rs,31800
Instead of spending these money into the disposable diaper, should you save the money for your baby and use it for other purpose like nutrition, education, talent development etc?

CozyBaby prepared a projected calculation on the disposable diaper expenses for you. In the calculation, we assume that you are using a middle range disposable diaper, which is about Rs.10 per piece. (The calculated figure subjected to different ways of usage for each individual)

For a full time disposable diapering baby, he/she will probably utilised
6 diapers a day:
Day time usage,  6:00AM - 8:00PM = 14 Hours.
Changing of diaper for every 3 hours: 14 Hours/ 3 = 4.6 , round up to 5 diapers.
Night time usage, 8:00PM - 6:00AM = 10 Hours
Assume your baby only use 1 diaper in night time.
Total: 5 Diapers + 1 Diaper = 6 Diapers per day.
You spend:   6 Diapers x 10 rs = Rs 60 per day
In 2 years time you spend: 2 years x 365 days x Rs.60 =Rs 43800

If you go for cloth diaper solution, and assuming you purchase 10 cloth diaper in 1st year, and each one is about Rs.800, you will spend Rs.8000.00 on you baby diapering.
In the second year, you purchase 5 more new cloth diapers for Rs4000.00.

Totally in 2 years time, you spend Rs. 8000 + Rs. 4000.00   = Rs.12000

Comparing to Disposable Diaper, your will save  43800- 12000= Rs 31800

If you take good care of the cloth diapers, you will have 20 cloth diapers for your next baby, and this will get the money saving in double. 

Water  cost :
In case you are hand washing, water consumption is very less may be 2 buckets , if you are washing daily. 

Electricity cost :
If you are using washing machine, it would be wise to was 2 -3 days once and it would consume  3 units of power per load. (Depending on the washing machine). Assuming, 10 loads ,10*3 = 30 unit power. 
Bill would be 30*5 Rs = 150Rs  per month. 

In any case, I find cloth diapers to be cheaper than disposable.  

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