Sunday, 8 September 2013

All you need to know on Inserts and How to use it ?

Inserts are the absorbent material. Diapers alone are not absorbent. You need these soakers (inserts) for absorbency. These are applicable to the diaper range available with us in our online shop. Currently, We have Pocket diapers and two types of insert.


Micro fiber Insert (MF) :

Micro Fiber Insert are known for quicker absorbency. They wick the moisture quickly.  This is very good in terms of absorbency. On the other hand , if it placed next to baby’s skin, it would wick away moisture from babys skin and cause dryness in the skin. NEVER use microfiber insert next to baby’s skin. Always use MF insert stuffed INSIDE the pocket.

Bamboo Insert: 

Bamboo is a natural fabric. Their absorption is good. It can be placed safely next to baby’s skin.  Bamboo diapers can be used both inside and outside the pocket.
Bamboo inserts can hold more wetness.

Lets take the scenario with one pocket diaper, MF insert and bamboo insert. 

When fresh diaper is chosen the change, bamboo insert can be laid on top of the pocket . After 2 -3 hours, I put Bamboo insert for wash. This time, I stuff MF insert inside the pocket and use. So now we can use the same shell 2 times up to 4  - 6 hours (provided baby hasn’t pooped ;) ) 

Alternatively, you can stuff 2 MF inserts , 2 bamboo or any 2 inserts in the pocket . They become your good night time diapers! 

Double Gussets is good option for  night diapering. It has a wide pocket opening both in the front and back, stuffing 2 inserts inside the pocket is super easy. They come with  colorful buttons so its  easy to remember the setting  that fit the best. Especially, it’s easy to tell  your hubby, MIL  or the maid on which colour setting you get the correct
fit, when they are changing the diaper. 

After some trail runs, You'll pick up the method which suits your  baby better!

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