Friday, 3 July 2015

Bring the Artistic Parent in you !! Paint the Cloth Diaper !!

Tips to paint your Cloth Diaper 

1. Start with a used diaper. It must have been washed at least 3-4 times.

2. Stretch the diaper and clip them using paper clips(cardboard)  or you may opt to load them with inserts to give good surface to work with.

3.Use fabric specific markers or fabric acrylic paints.

4. Draw a outer sketch in pencil. You can draw them in a paper and then trace them on to the diaper.

5. Fill in colours of your choice . Allow it to dry completely 

6.Apply one more coat of colour and allow it to dry 

7. Dry your finished diaper for at least 30 minutes on HIGH to seal the colour and reduce fading and bleeding during washing.

Special Tips for heat set: 
Make sure your piece has air dried for at least 12 hours.
You can tumble dry in the dryer on high for 30 minutes. Must dry alone as the marker can transfer to other items if it has not been set and washed yet. 
You can also use an iron. This will not melt the diaper if done correctly. Iron the "outside" of the PUL, not the shiny side. You can use a thin cloth in between if you are concerned but will need to use the cotton setting. If you iron has a polyester setting that is the best option. Keep the irons moving over the designed area to make sure it is getting even heat.
If you want then quicker, you can use a hair dryer, high heat keep moving over the designed area. 

Special Tips for  Colouring: 
Use light strokes with your markers, wait for each layer to dry before adding another. This will help prevent bleeding and gives you more even coverage. Use a hair dryer to help dry layers a little quicker, it can also be used to slow bleeding and prevent further colour mix if done as soon as the colour begins to run. Use 1 colour at a time close sections to prevent the colour from blending together.

Paint Brands :
Camlin, Fevicryl, Faber Castel, Crayola  are some well known brands available in India. Apart from that you can try tulip, Sharpie Stained, Graffiti, Marv

Get Inspired :
Painting the Cloth diaper is  getting popular.   Behold, the creative work by Some mom's  here 

Gayathri's creation for her son : A cute message for all of us!!

Sreema 's creation " A Minion " for her lil Minion

Deepa has painted Lorax on her son's Cloth Diapers 

Anjana  has inked Caption America for her son 

Action Shots :

A special Thanks to my customers Deepa, Sreema, Gayathri and Anjana for sharing thier works to inspire others. 

Article reference :Internet  and FB page Custom Inked Diapers 

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