Sunday, 24 November 2013

What to Choose Diaper cover or Pocket Diapers?

Pocket Diapers :

Pocket diapers are popular because it keeps your baby’s bottom dry.  
It has a cloth diaper shell (with a stay dry layer) and microfiber inserts. You simply stuff the insert(s) inside the shell.  The layer that touches baby’s bottom is made of soft fleece that keeps moisture away from the baby even when the insert inside the pocket diaper is completely wet.  

Best Night time diaper:
One of the best night time cloth diapering system. My son can wear the pocket diaper 6 -10 hours straight at night without leaking.  And it keeps his bottom dry the entire night! 

Day Usage:
Its also great for day time use, when you are battling a diaper rash or when you do not feel like changing diapers every time it is wet.   When I am running errands and cannot change diapers for 2-4 hours, I like to use pocket diapers.   It will keep him dry and comfortable even after he wets the inserts.   It is most convenient, because you do not have to change the diaper as soon as it gets wet.  Because it is easy to use and keeps my baby’s bottom dry, pocket diapers are my personal favourite. For short visits to grocery shops , malls, friends place I use this.

You can see how pocket diapers look.

Diaper Covers with Inserts :

This combination is easy to use.  Simply place the insert inside the diaper cover.  That’s it.  You need about 6 - 12 inserts  and 4-8 diaper covers for  one day usage.  You will need more diaper covers for newborns and less for older babies.  You do not need to replace the diaper cover with each diaper change, simply replace the wet insert.  There are times when I use 4 diaper covers a day and there are times when I can get by with using just 1 diaper cover a day, depending on how wet or soiled my diaper covers get.  I change the inserts every 1-2 hours as soon as I notice the wetness.

Inserts will stay a little bit wet on your baby’s bottom until a diaper change.  Only inserts to be used directly on the skin is Organic inserts. Micro fibre ones are big  NO No. Generally Bamboo, Charcoal bamboo.

One advantage is Covers could be reused for every diaper change unlike the pockets. 
More information on Covers.

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